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Anonymous Angels

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

My first painting of an angel.

I absolutely love painting angels. They fascinate me for who they are and what they represent. The first time I painted an angel was on a study abroad in Florence, Italy. It was a great shift in my life where I found motive. Purpose. Direction for my art. On the study abroad we saw hundreds of paintings depicting angels. They were found in the corners of churches and tucked away at the edges of altar pieces. In Saint Peter’s Basilica they were giants carved in marble holding up symbols and declarations. They were found mourning at graves, saving souls, and directing the viewer’s attention to heaven.

Angels are always secondary figures, giving way to God the Father, Jesus Christ, Mary, and others. They even give way to those they are comforting or saving. They are holy, beautiful, nameless beings who are present because of their actions. To me the anonymity of angels is a beautiful thing - it speaks of authentic love, devotion, and selflessness in serving others.

Angels fulfilling different roles.

For me the title of angel can encompass a wide variety of people, whether they are living or have passed on. They can be friends, family, and strangers who fulfill the mission of an angel, bringing comfort, words of kindness, direction, a helping hand, and encouragement. It is incredible to hear the stories of many who I have talked to about angels in the form of ancestors appearing to them in dreams, visions, or simply feeling that someone was there with them in spirit. Statistically it is staggering how many people have had interactions with angels, and it is an honor to paint such a holy subject.

Incomplete angels.

It is my hope that those who view my art remember their angels and the miracles that have happened in their lives.

Wishing you the very best,


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